Tools and forms

Pension accounts come with a few forms and documents to make sure you’re always informed about the product you’re choosing. We’ve also built a number of tools to help make planning for retirement that little bit easier.

Product Disclosure Statements

Our PDS explains everything you need to know about our retirement products, and breaks down the main features of both the Retirement and Pre-retirement pensions. Please refer to the relevant Target Market Determination (TMD) for this product and consider the information in the PDS and the TMD.


Use our calculators to help you understand unit prices, how much money you might need in retirement, your investment style and to manage your budget.

Budget planner

Use the MoneySmart budget planner to track your spending and plan your finances.

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Unit price comparison

Compare the pension unit prices of our investment options over time. This calculator contains weekly unit price data up until 30 June 2021. For daily unit price data after 1 July 2021, please download the documents on the unit price page.

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Retirement modeler

How much will you need to retire? Use the retirement modeler to estimate your financial future.

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Your investor style

Answer some questions about your investment knowledge and style, and we’ll provide you with information about your investment profile.

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