Why choose MyLife MyPension?

There are lots of good reasons to choose MyLife MyPension. We're here to help our members make the most of their money so they can be financially secure in retirement.

We put our members first

All profits are returned to our members and we put our members first in everything we do. It's as simple as that.

This includes our exceptional service: real people who are understanding, compassionate and can answer questions about your pension account when you call our Service Centre or have an appointment with our financial planning team.

Our track record

We have a history of strong investment returns. This is supported by our history of strong investment returns, and highly rated pension products. Independent rating firm SuperRatings* has awarded us their highest platinum rating for over 15 years in a row.

Switch to a fund you trust

Switching to MyLife MyPension pre-retirement or retirement pension is easy, and our in-house service centre team can assist with any questions you may have.

Maximise your retirement income

A retirement pension can provide you with a regular, flexible and tax-effective income in retirement. It benefits from investment earnings (just like a regular super account), and can even work in conjunction with the Age Pension to help your money go further.

Trusted professional advice

Our financial planners put your needs first to give you confidence and control over your financial future. We can work with you to make sure you achieve the retirement lifestyle you're hoping for. From budgeting and debt management to information about tax, the Government Age Pension, Centrelink queries, estate planning and aged care advice, we are here to help you. We never pay our financial planners bonuses or commissions, so you can be assured that they only ever have your best interests in mind.

Find out more about getting advice

Try SuperRatings^ free online pension comparison tool

Compare MyLife MyPension's benefits and services by using the free SuperRatings online comparison tool. It's free and easy to use, and allows you to compare over 200 pension and superannuation funds to help you make important decisions about your future.


Flexible options

We offer two flexible and tax effective pensions to suit your circumstances:

Pre-retirement pension

If you’ve reached your preservation age and are still working, you can open a Pre-retirement Pension (also known as a transition-to-retirement pension). This pension allows you to access some of your superannuation money to supplement your income.  This may allow you to scale back your working hours as you approach retirement while maintaining your income.

Pre-retirement pension

Retirement pension

When you retire, you can convert your super into a pension account (also known as an account-based pension). This means your money can still be invested and you can receive regular pension payments from your account to provide you with an ongoing, steady income.

You control the frequency of the payments and you can make lump sum withdrawals at any time.

Retirement pension

* Source: SuperRatings, 2021.

^ SuperRatings is an independent company and not related to MyLife MyPension. For more information visit the SuperRatings website. Please note that the RateMyPension comparisons do not include entry fees. MyLife MyPension does not charge entry fees.