Portfolio Holdings Disclosure

Here you can find information about our total holdings, which we update semi-annually on 31 March and 30 September.

We list the Fund holdings by Investment Option. Select the product you are invested in and you can view the underlying assets and the value of each asset as a proportion of the total Option.

Portfolio Holdings documents (Superannuation)

Portfolio Holdings documents (Pension)

Important information

The values and weights have been rounded to 2 and 3 decimal places respectively.

Investments may be classified differently in this disclosure to other publications and elsewhere on our website. The disclosure of investments for this purpose has been prepared/classified to comply with the Portfolio Holdings Disclosure legislative requirements.

Internally managed investments are those managed by Togethr Trustees Pty Ltd (ABN 64 006 964 049; AFSL 246383), on behalf of Equipsuper Superannuation Fund (ABN 33 813 823 017). MyLife MyPension is a Division of the Equipsuper Superannuation Fund.

MyLife MyPension's Valuation Methodology

Our approach to valuation of investment assets aligns with the processes outlined by APRA's prudential practice guide SPG 531.0 Valuations and Australian Accounting Standards. Investment assets are valued using the most recent and accurate valuations available.

Listed and traded securities: Investments listed on an Australian or international securities exchange are valued at the "last trade price". This is the price at which the most recent trade on that security was executed on its respective securities exchange.

Unlisted investments: MyLife MyPension's unlisted investments are valued independently, by a valuation agent or administrator appointed by the investment manager. Valuation techniques including discounted cash flow methodology, recent comparable transactions, and listed market comparison are generally used as appropriate for the relevant investment.

Currency conversion: Where applicable, the Fund uses WM/Reuters benchmark foreign exchange rates that are set in London at 4pm daily (GMT) for investment valuation, unit pricing and performance measurement.

This document has been prepared without taking into consideration your personal financial needs, circumstances or objectives. Prior to making any investment decisions, we recommend that you read the Product Disclosure Statement and Target Market Determination, and seek expert advice from a licensed or authorised financial adviser.

Issued by: Togethr Trustees Pty Ltd (Trustee)
ABN 64 006 964 049; AFSL 246383
MyLife MyPension is a division of the Equipsuper Superannuation Fund (ABN 33 813 823 017).